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     Changzhou ratel automation equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is Jiangsu Xingrong group's professional development, research, production automation welding automation equipment and non-standard equipment and pipeline companies. The company has a number of welding field and non-standard automation equipment in the field of firstclass mechanical, electrical engineer and a group of experienced site technicians backbone, college degree or above in the proportion of employees is 40%, undergraduate, master's ratio is 15%. Company has with the Shenyang Institute of computer of Changzhou branch formation strategic partnership, and actively with overseas professional manufacturer cooperation, developed a series of leading industry standard equipment. Company under the plane division and automation welding, automatic welding plane division is mainly responsible for all kinds of welding research, development and production of plane and manipulator; Automation Division is mainly responsible for in stamping, elevator, solar water heaters and other industries to the customer to provide complete automation solutions, the company to undertake the external electrical automation design and manufacture, renovation project.

     The company's main products are rolling machine series (part two categories of automatic hydraulic rolling machine has reached worldclass level), multi axis welding robot, welding machine series, multi axis CNC machine series, automatic stamping production line, cylinder head automatic production line, high automation production line, solar air reservoir water heater enamel production line, muffler production line, motor shell production line, the company's products have been applied in automotive, pharmaceutical, pressure vessel, water pump, solar energy, printing and dyeing, engineering machinery, hardware, electric machine, radiator tank and other industries, products are exported to Japan, Britain, India, Philippines, Russia, Germany and other places.

     Quality is life, the customer is God, reputation is the source of the company's faith; rigorous, efficient, dedicated, pragmatic is the company's staff of the code of conduct. The company has more than 20 design patents, and assume a number of provincial and municipal science and technology development projects, the company's longterm commitment to build a "sharp Venter" brand, "special", "fine" word is always our pursuit. Welcome new and old customers visit the guide, "ratel" will with brand-new appearance, stronger technical strength, more specifically the technical scheme, higher quality, more reasonable price, more perfect after-sales wholeheartedly for you services.